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Image by Denis Sebastian Tamas

Optical Infrared Imaging

Vyir is developing an Optical Infrared camera utilizing our nano EnCoater technology. A typical microbolometer infrared camera uses pixels fabricated from semiconductor materials that are electrically readout. ​


Camera Components.png

EnCoater Infrared Camera​

Microbolometer cameras are typically expensive and have low-resolution creating a barrier to their adoption for promising applications. Our technology is an optical infrared camera, which has pixels fabricated from our nano EnCoater technology, that transduces the information from an infrared image into visible laser light, and then uses a standard cell phone CMOS camera for optical readout. ​

Image by Hector Falcon

Identify Threats Sooner

3.5 x 1 pixel
3X more pixels
6X more pixels

This approach and design enables significant value propositions, most importantly a 10X reduction in price that makes the camera hardware more accessible, and 15X more pixels, providing better image quality and a reduction in camera Size, Weight, and Power. To learn more about our proprietary Optical Infrared Camera and Nano EnCoater Technology please contact us​.

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