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Infrared Cameras

High-Resolution, Low-Cost

Vyir's Founder Awarded Activate Fellowship  

Vyir's Technology

Our patented technology is an optical infrared camera, that has pixels fabricated from our Nano EnCoater Technology, which transduces the information from an infrared image into visible laser light, and then uses a standard CMOS camera for optical readout. Our approach enables a 10X reduction in price that makes the camera hardware more accessible, and 15X more pixels, providing better image quality and a reduction in camera Size, Weight, and Power. 

Low Cost

Low cost expands existing and emerging applications

High Resolution

Improves image quality and sharpness​

Low SWaP

Low Size, Weight, and Power enables use in drones​

Extended Range

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Infrared cameras extend human perception in applications where greater situational awareness results in improved safety, reducing injury, loss of life, and property damage.


Smart Agriculture uses infrared camera to detect crop health and permits precision irrigation and fertilization, reducing cost and waste.

Our Partners


Partner With Us

We welcome inquires from all interested collaborators and investors who share our goal to bring low-cost, high-resolution infrared imaging to the world 

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